Lisa Albers, Oregon LMT #11156

A massage therapist since 2003, Lisa specializes in massage for injury rehab and chronic pain relief. She is exceptionally intuitive and patient in rooting out the source of pain and restriction. In addition to working in rehabilitative settings, Lisa has spent years working in high-end spas and really enjoys doing Hot Stone massage or just a good old-fashioned relaxing massage, if that’s what you need. Whether your muscles really need some getting into, or you want just want to drift off into bliss, Lisa is sure to make you smile!




Valencia Arciniega, Oregon LMT #19650

“Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen.”– ~Shakti Gawain~


A certified massage therapist since 2013, Valencia graduated with honors while supporting three amazing children. She has always felt a strong passion for helping others, something rooted from raising her children and supporting a healthy family life. She believes that each individual has the ability to heal if given the knowledge, and support -this is where she comes into the equation.

During her career, she has had the honor of treating professional athletes, and continues to work with NBA and NFL players. She has also worked side-by-side with chiropractic physicians for over 4 years, along with many amazing volunteer events such as local runs and the PK 80 tournament for Nike.

“I have realized that my passion and natural intuition of healing, is just one way I can help others to get back to their own balance of mind, body, and soul.”

Valencia offers a wide range of techniques including deep tissue, sports, prenatal, relaxation, and more. Through different techniques, she is able to effectively meet your needs and to assist with healing and recovery.


Michelle Bennett, Oregon LMT #21023

Michelle brings to her massage practice more than just compassion for her clients; she also brings a vast wealth of knowledge and understanding of the way our bodies should feel in order to work their best. As a competitive sailboat racer and a recreational weight-lifter, Michelle knows the value of massage therapy both as prevention and as a remedy, and her skills will convince you! In addition to Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Michelle specializes in Shiatsu, a non-invasive Japanese form of massage therapy that helps reduce stress and muscle stiffness, stimulates the skin, aids in digestion, and influences the nervous system. A massage with Michelle will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, and ready to sign up for another!


Andrew Black, Oregon LMT #19070

Andrew, graduate of Anthem College in 2012, was an ambassador of the Massage Therapy program. During school he found is passion to be deep tissue massage, sports massage, and the modality of myofascial release (MFR). Furthering his education, he has taken courses in Thai Massage & advanced deep tissue techniques to expand his knowledge of deep stretching, so His style is a blend of relaxation, & Thai, with focus on deep tissue. Andrew has worked in the medical side of massage bringing healing/rehabilitation to victims of Motor Vehicle Accidents & worker’s comp injuries. He is also very practiced in the art of relaxation massage. Whether it is through the use of hot towels, stones, essential oils, or customized treatment plans, Andrew is always seeking ways to set the bar higher with his clients.   “Massage is a wonderful tool that facilitates healing naturally, and returns our bodies to a state of homeostasis”


Kara Cooper, Oregon LMT #24338

Kara received her education at Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy and was trained in Neuromuscular, Sports, Reflexology, Swedish,Pregnancy, and Hot Stone Massage.

Grateful and passionate for her career as a licensed massage therapist, she is particularly keen to help people heal and grow. She is skillful at putting together an optimal plan for each session. She enjoys connecting, nurturing and bringing awareness to people’s lives. The ability to work with the human body applying anatomical and energetic knowledge never ceases to amaze her.



Ashley Doke, Oregon LMT #23439

Ashley has been in private practice since 2009. Originally from Kansas, Ashley was drawn to her profession not only for her love of science and anatomy, but also she believes in therapeutic massage as an alternative to allopathic medicine in helping people to heal, and to recognize that peace with their body is actually possible, especially when recovering from illness, trauma or injury.

“I take great pride in my work, and to me, helping patients to know peace in their body is the best thing in the world.”

Ashley brings 10 years experience with working alongside chiropractors and acupuncturists in a clinical setting to provide a firm, therapeutic massage that incorporates light assisted stretches and energetic movements.


Gina Hoffmann, Oregon LMT #14208

Gina Hoffman, Oregon LMT #14208

Gina has been practicing in chiropractic as well as upscale spa settings since 2006. She is committed to giving each person caring attention while mobilizing her experience to affect change and diminish pain rapidly. Her specialties include Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Ashiatsu, Hot Stone and Lomi Lomi. Her background in dance, as well as extensive study in Europe gives Gina a really creative and well-rounded approach to sore bodies, and an understanding of the musculature that is a rare treasure and clearly an asset in helping people to heal.


Kim Le, Oregon LMT #15294

Kim has been in practice for over 10 years, working with chiropractors and in spa settings. She is a graduate of East West College in Portland, Oregon. Her massage style consists of deep tissue with movement and stretches. Kim specializes in injuries, acute or chronic pain, especially in shoulders or lower back, pregnancy massage, and Sarga Bodywork. Sarga Bodywork is a form of barefoot massage method that delivers therapeutic myofascial and deep tissue techniques. Kim finds great satisfaction in helping clients relieve pain.




Deni Buss, LMT Co-owner of Westlake Massage Therapy, LLC  not currently accepting clients

Deni has been a massage therapist since 2005, and worked for several years with a chiropractic clinic specializing in auto accident recovery focusing on whiplash and back injuries. She has also worked in high end spas using hot stones as well as essential oils, and enjoys tailoring your massage for a truly personalized experience of either focused treatment work or relaxation; however she believes that a combination of these two modalities together promotes optimal healing while providing instant stress relief.